Is Yoga Really Different From Exercise?

When it comes to general body fitness, yoga and exercise are the two things that comes to people’s mind. Both of them can be done to stay fit and healthy; but the result can only be achieved, only when they are executed properly. It is also important to know that there are some differences which exist between them, as knowing this will make the individual to achieve maximum result.

Their differences lies in their ultimate goal as well as the effect they have on the body and mind of every individual.

The main aim that yoga tries to achieve is a higher state of consciousness. In order to effectively purify the mind of any individual, it is very necessary for the body to pass through absolute purification. This is carried out to get rid of any blockage, preventing energy from being released. Another aim of yoga, is to create a balance of the interacting activities as well as processes of the body, mind and energy as well. Once this balance is achieved, the impulses that is generated sends a call of awakening to the central force which is responsible for evolution of the human consciousness.

Exercise on the other hand, is aimed at improving the overall fitness level as well as general health. This is achieved by practicing aerobic activities, which elevates the rate of heart. Exercise has some great benefits too; it has the capacity to strengthen muscles as well as the cardiovascular system, improve skills of athletes, and also help in weight loss. Performing regular exercise can help the boost the immune system, it can also improve the mental health of the individual as well as prevent cases like depression. When you engage in it regularly, it makes you to have and also maintain positive self-esteem. Another thing to note here is that exercise can be done through different sporting activities. This can be a boost to those practicing it, because you want to be the best in the sport. For instance, athletes that engages in sports like running, may want to practice harder so that he or she can win the competition.

In as much as there are differences between exercise and yoga, there are also quite some similarities that exist between them. Yoga can also be considered as an exercise, so it does not mean that they are two different things entirely. As a way of staying fit, yoga is good at developing strength, balance, flexibility, as well as functional movement skills. Yoga is also excellent for relieving people from stress; they also assist patients to cope with pains after medical treatments, find joy and happiness in their daily life as well as develop more likeness for their bodies.

It should also be noted that the difference that exist between yoga and exercise, depends on the particular type of exercise or yoga that is being performed. Certain types of yoga can be very vigorous and as a result, shares some similarities with exercise. Example of such yoga is Ashtanga.